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Commercial Power Washer in Garland

Power washing is a powerful method for cleaning all kinds of surfaces.

Whether it’s concrete, metal or even wood, power washing is a go-to way to get your house or a part of it cleaned spotless and sanitized. Never heard of power washing and even power washing services? Here is the complete guide you need for power washing services.

The Power of Power Washing Services

As mentioned earlier, power washing is a great method for washing a variety of materials. What is a power washing? To define, power washing is washing with a pressure washer loaded with hot water. Power washing is actually one of the three types of washing that involves a pressure washer. The other two types are pressure washing and soft washing.

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Pressure washing is basically power washing, except it uses cold water and soft washing is basically pressure washing except its pressure is lower. We measure pressure by PSI or pounds per square inch.

The standard would be 500 PSI, to which soft washing uses less than 500 and pressure washing uses more than 500. How pressure washers work is that they shoot water, and with a nozzle, the angle of which they shoot water can vary.

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Pressure Washing Nozzles

These nozzles are color coded, and they all have their own angles to create a variety on how the water is sprayed. They work by restricting the flow of the water and increasing the velocity.

  • The 0-degree nozzle shoots straight from the pressure washer and it is used for cleaning stacked layers of dirt and dust.
  • The 15-degree nozzle forms a small sheet of water, less pressure than that of a 0-degree. This is mainly used for removing paint from various surfaces such as metal, wood and masonry. It can also be used for preparing different surfaces for painting.
  • The 25-degree nozzle shoot out wider and the typical nozzle for cleaning any material without inflicting damage.
  • The 40-degree nozzle is the widest of the four and uses the lowest pressure. It is used for fragile materials like glass.

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What nozzle you will use will depend greatly on the material you will clean. Because you will need to use the right amount of pressure to avoid problems such as accidentally damaging the surface. Too much pressure can take a toll on the materials you will clean.

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All of these are the general knowledge on how pressure washers work and this is how pressure washing services use them. Services provide their own cleaning solution and they can pressure wash or power wash with ease on any part of your home.

They can also clean your car or the hard-to-reach areas.

Commercial Pressure Washing Services

These commercial services for pressure and power washing has been around for a long time and they are beneficial in many aspects. They provide effective cleaning to strengthen the materials of your house, sanitize it and reduce the risk of common dilemmas such as damaged wood and stained concrete.

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