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Driveway Pressure Washer in Garland

Irritated of seeing the concrete of your driveway getting soiled and dirtied?

It’s no surprise, yet it really feels infuriating, right? Driveways are one of the most noticeable part of your house and on the road.

Driveway Pressure Washing Services

It takes up a wide amount of space and it is out in the open. To which, maintaining its cleanliness is a must. Keeping it clean will not only get you to receive first good impressions, it will also highlight your home’s exterior, making it look more pleasing and attractive.

Neat driveways are difficult to maintain, though. Due to the vehicles that go in and out almost all of the time. It may sound easy like you’re only talking about cleaning the floor, but it is a lot harder than it looks. Especially for the driveways that bears heavy traffic.

Driveways are obviously, one of the places that are vulnerable to dirt and dust because of the cars. The tires of different vehicles can bring a lot of dirt and it goes deep in the concrete a lot of times. This is the main reason why your concrete can be stained.

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Driveway Pressure Washing Near Me

Due to the concrete’s characteristic of being porous, the pores are absorbent to moisture. Albeit, they are small but they are wide enough to let mold, moss and dust build up. Sometimes, the moisture sits there for a long time and is difficult to remove. These are the stains.

Aside from stains, there are other problems like ground-in leaves, oil spills, and the everyday wear-and-tear.

This is Why Pressure Washing Services Exist.

Pressure washing is a good choice to for your house cleaning and for driveways as well. Since pressure washers are being used, the job is done professionally and effortlessly. Services are willing to clean your driveways effectively while you can just sit back and relax.

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How pressure washing services work is generally summarized as:

  • The first step is the they wet the concrete and allow it to dry in a moment. If your driveway has nearby shrubs or bushes, any vegetation, it should also be wet with water.
  • Then, they will do a test to see if the surface is compatible to the solution they will use.
  • If the concrete is colored, or perhaps, stamped, services will only use a pressure washer with minimum pressure so the color will not fade.
  • After that, the visible stains will be covered with absorbent materials and baking soda. This will absorb the moisture on the surface and reduce the stain’s visibility.
  • Now, on to the pressure washing. After loading a solution to the pressure washer, the entirety of the concrete driveway will be soaked in the solution. This will be for 5 minutes to 7, however, it shouldn’t be dry.
  • The solution will be rinsed out of the concrete driveway. Alternatively, a bleach solution is used if the concrete’s color is darker.
  • The vegetation should also be rinsed after the driveway.

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In any case, pressure washing services that provide already high-quality service only cost 200 bucks and is a good minimum price. Want your driveway to get squeaky clean? Book a driveway pressure washing service now!

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