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Power Washing Garland

Despite everything we do to keep our property as clean as possible, muck keeps finding its way back onto it. Algae and mildew are a real pest too, especially under the perfect thriving conditions of the Texan weather.

Your fences are dirty, your driveway is stained, your walls have colonies growing on them, and you’re left with cleaning it all up. What a chore, right? Well, what if we told you that there’s a sure way to get your cleaning done swiftly, effectively, and efficiently?

Citizens of Garland, Texas, the future of cleaning is now in arms reach with power washing! Contact Power Washing Garland today to get a taste of what the future holds for you and your home.

Power Washing in Garland

There is much confusion when it comes to power washing so let’s define it here and now: Power washing is a cleaning method that uses highly pressurized water to force out thick accumulations of grime and dirt.

It uses a pressure washing machine and it is very similar to pressure cleaning (yes there is a difference), only power washing uses heated water. This makes it much more effective at getting the tough stains out and softening up the hardened dirt. It’s a revolutionary way of cleaning up your property!

Power washing is amazing because there’s not a lot of things it cannot clean. And when you when you work with Power Washing Garland, we’ll be able to utilize its benefits to the fullest! Although there is a list of what you can and cannot wash using power washing.

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The Yes

You’re able to effectively wash away deeply rooted dirt and grime out of whatever surface you use it on, given that power washing packs quite a punch. The question is the type of surface you use it on. Tough surfaces such as concrete and stone and pretty much anything that can withstand up to 2500+ PSI of pure jet stream force you’ll be able to clean.

It’s also effective at removing and killing algae and mildew colonies and prevent them from ever returning. You’ll also never have to worry about stains ever again! Your driveway and concrete walkways never looked better with power washing!

The No

When there’s a yes, there’s always a no. Power washing is very strong and any thin surfaces it will definitely damage, if not punch through completely. Surfaces such as wood and glass can be questionable to power clean. It can also damage plants and furniture, and injure pets and people.

It can most certainly injure YOU if you aren’t careful! When you’re power washing, make sure to ALWAYS practice safety first to avoid damage and injury.

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Better yet, hire Power Washing Garland to do the power washing for you!

Power Washing Garland has been in the business for a long time. In the city of Garland, Texas, we provide the best power washing services! Our agents are highly-trained and disciplined in the art of power washing, and there is no one better for the job than them. We want you to be safe, and we want you to experience the best power washing Garland has to offer!

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