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Pressure Cleaning Garland

Thickened dirt? Grimy furniture? Algae colonies on your wall? Stained driveway? Darkened concrete? Yeah, we feel you. These are all common problems we experience now and then. They’re always a chore to resolve, but with the right cleaning method, you’ll be able to resolve them quickly, efficiently, and effectively! What is that method, you may ask? Pressure cleaning, that’s what!

Pressure cleaning is the future of household cleaning, something Power Washing Garland is expert of. We’re happy to offer you the best pressure cleaning services in the city and more! All you need to do is tell us what job you want, and we’ll be on our way!

Pressure Washing

The traditional soap, water, and sponge is outdated cleaning technology, so why not use Pressure washing instead? Pressure washing utilizes highly pressurized water when cleaning. It’s quite similar to power washing, but it doesn’t use heated water. Through pressure washing, you can clean larger surfaces quicker and more efficiently! No grime, dust, or muck can withstand that amount of pressure!

It’s best used when cleaning commercial and residential building façades. You can also use it to get the dirt off of fences, staircases, patios, and vehicles. It’s also effective in getting rid of that mold colony growing on your walls!

But always be safe when using pressure washing. The highly pressurized water can really do some damage on your property if handled improperly. Additionally, it can also cause injury to the user. 1500+ PSI is more than enough to pierce through skin, and some pressure washing machines can reach up to 3000!

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Power Washing

Power Washing is best known as pressure washing’s more heavy-duty brother. Like pressure washing, it uses highly pressurized water for the punch required to get rid of those pesky dirt accumulations on your property. It also uses heated water that gives it more force.

Power washing is a little stronger than pressure washing, which means it can get rid of tougher dirt, and clean up the stains on your concrete and stone. It can also completely get rid of mildew and prevent their colony from ever coming back. Really, any surface that withstand such high pressures you’ll be able to clean with power washing.

And just like pressure washing, you always need to be careful when doing it.

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Driveway Cleaning

Some would argue that the dirtiest place on one’s property is the driveway. Tires drive on it constantly—almost everyday, even—bringing dirt wherever the car goes. Because of this, driveways are often blackened with the city dirt your car’s tires bring home with it. A blackened driveway is no easy matter to resolve.

But if you employ Power Washing Garland’s pressure cleaning, then that blackened driveway will look brand new in no time! We believe that there is no better way to clean a driveway than the state-of-the-art pressure cleaning we offer.

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Concrete Cleaning

Concrete surfaces also easily get dirty, and if you’re a houseowner with limestone and other natural stones in your land, then you know how difficult it is to get them cleaned.

If you want your concrete looking as good as new, call Power Washing Garland for quality pressure cleaning services!

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Our Pressure Washing Services

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